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Supporting Your Work in Member Care and Mission

Featured Resources–February 2019
Core Member Care and the Global Context (MC Update, February 2019)
Health for Peace: Contributions from Peace Psychology
(presentation 7 November 2018, Geneva Peace Week, United Nations)
Watch the 25 minute video (integrity and moral health for a more whole world)
Global Integration: Staying Current and Relevant
(with progress reports for sustainable development and humanitarian action)

1. What’s New?
Staying Updated and Equipped
See also New MCA Publications and Featured Resources
Asia Member Care Network Consultation: Penang, Malaysia
(29 April-3 May 2019) Theme: Member Care in an Age of Accelerated Change
OM People Care Course, Level 1: 26 May – 2 June 2019 (Hungary) and 27 Oct – 03 Nov 2019 (Zambia)
OM Face to Face Course: 15-30 Nov 2019 (Hungary)
Midwest Conference on Mission Care, February 14-15, 2019 (Minneapolis, USA), MN Minnesota Renewal Center, Barnabas International and Transform MN

Our Resources
Frontline Mental Health (MC Update, December 2018)
Wellbeing for All: Global Mental Health and the Church-Mission Community
(webinar 29 November, Lausanne Movement’s GMH and Trauma Network)
Humanity Care: Sustainable Development Goals & Church-Mission Community
(presentation 27 November, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary)
Lessons for Integrity, Action, and Healing: Professional Review of NCI et al (MC Update, October 2018)
A Summons to a Global Integrity Movement: Fighting Self-Deception and Corruption (article, Lausanne Global Analysis, March 2018)

2. Global Member Care Updates (archives: 2009–current)
Expanding the Global Impact of Member Care

Missio Dei MC model--18 Sept 2016

The latest update of the Global Member Care Model.                         Seven spheres for wellbeing and effectiveness (WE).

Special News 2018-2019
–Core Member Care–Global Context (February 2019)
–Moral Health for a More Whole World (January 2019)
–Frontline Mental Health (December 2018)
–Pursuing Peace: Whole People-Whole World (November 2018)
Index of 100 Issues (September 2017)

3. Global Integration Updates (archives: 2015–current)
Common Ground for the Common Good crossing sectors crop






Special News 2018-2019
–Seven Sectors–Seven Summaries (February 2019)
–Moral Health–Global Integrity Day (January 2019)
–A Framework for Engaging with Our World (December 2018)
–Leaving No One Behind (November 2018)
The Essential Review (three year index of GI Updates)

4. CORE Member Care (weblog)
Reflections, Research, and Resources for Good Practice

Ten+ years or materials to help us explore member care practice in light of current world events and major issues, look into our own hearts, and consider additional ways to provide and develop resources (300+ entries).
–2018-2019 Topic: Humanity Care. Entries on linking Unreached People Groups and sustainable development (UPGs-SDGs).
–2016 Topic: Global Integrity. 25 entries for exploring many levels of integrity: individual-institutional-international.
–2015 Topic: Global Integrators. 25 entries for leveraging our skills and values on behalf of human wellbeing.

 5. Books
Following the Flows (1988–current)
      GMC volume one book cover 2011  MemberCare_CS_Cover_6

See all our books HERE.
Global Member Care (Volume 1): The Pearls and Pearls of Good Practice
Kelly O’Donnell (2011)–hard copy and electronic version
Global Member Care (Volume 2): Crossing Sectors for Serving Humanity
Edited by Kelly and Michele O’Donnell (2013)–hard copy and electronic version
–Preview (to be compiled with a team of editors):
Global Member Care (Volume 3): Strategies and Stories–All Peoples

6. Presentations and Training
Equipping Colleagues for Relevance and Resilience
Note: We are available for presentations and training, in person and remotely. Some examples of recent presentations:
Wellbeing for All: Global Mental Health and the Church-Mission Community (webinar 29 November, Lausanne Movement’s GMH and Trauma Network)
Humanity Care: Sustainable Development Goals & Church-Mission Community 
(presentation 27 November, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary)
Health for Peace: Contributions from Peace Psychology
(presentation 7 November, Geneva Peace Week, United Nations[ video soon)
Global Integration and Global Integrity: Applications for Christians in Leadership
Gordon-Conwell Seminary, USA;  May 2018

Global Integration and Global Integrity: Applications for Mental Health Professionals
George Fox University, USA; March 2017
Sustainable Global Mental Health Development
World Mental Health Day Event, Ecuemenical Centre, Geneva; October 2016
Doing Member Care Well: Past, Present, and Future Perspectives
Middle East Member Care Consultation; September 2016

7. Global Mental Health-Map (website)
Engaging in Mental Health as Mission



Materials to orient colleagues from different sectors to the domain of Global Mental Health (GMH). GMH is mission–“mental health as mission.” See the list/links for our core publications to orient colleagues to GMH HERE

More Resources to Support Your Work in Member Care and Mission
See the Getting Connected section (Links):
–Member Care Networks and News
–Upcoming Member Care Conferences/Training
–New Member Care Materials (2017-2018 examples)
–Member Care Materials in Different Languages

Member Care Associates IncMember Care Associates Inc. (MCA) is a Christian non-profit organisation working internationally from the USA and Geneva. We focus on personnel development for mission, humanitarian, development, and health workers and their organizations; global mental health; ethics and good practice; and integrity/anti-corruption. Our services include consultation, training, research, developing resources, and publications, emphasizing those working with vulnerable/unreached peoples.

See: Special news from MCA: A new season of relevance and  resilience.

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