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Ten Areas to Support Your Work
1. Global Integration Updates (archived)
Common Ground for the Common Good

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals

–October 2015: Transforming Our World (the UN agenda for sustainable development)
–August 2015: Faith-Based Partners in Transformation (working together for wellbeing)
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2. MCA Resource Updates (archived)
Expanding the Global Impact of Member Care
Six+ years of materials for working well in member care in mission/aid, development.

There are 60+ million displaced people in the world today (20 million refugees) SOurce: 10_things_about_refugees_displacement_homepage_2.png

There are 60+ million displaced people in the world today (20 million refugees). Source: 10_things_about_refugees_displacement_homepage_2.png

–December 2015: Field Consultations
–November 2015:
Resiliency toolkit
–October 2015: Migrant care and forced migration
–September 2015: Jesus Christ in faith-based/Christian member care
–August 2015: Four new resources for sending groups
–July 2015: Trauma realities and care
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3. CORE Member Care  (weblog)
Reflections, Research, and Resources for Good Practice
Eight+ years or materials to support member care in mission/aid, development/health.

Working in the trenches, the towers, an everywhere in-between Image source: http://www.rzim.org/a-slice-of-infinity/divinity-and-dirty-hands/

Working in the trenches, the towers, an everywhere in-between. Source: http://www.rzim.org/a-slice-of-infinity/divinity-and-dirty-hands/

–Current Topic: Global Integrators
15+ entries for leveraging our skills and values on behalf of humanity..

4. Articles
Global Mental Health: Tracking and Trekking Across Sectors
Psychology International, June 2015 (Kelly and Michele O’Donnell)
The Missional Heart of Member Care
International Bulletin of Mission Research, April 2015.(Kelly O’Donnell)
Giants, Foxes, Wolves, and Flies (adjustment challenges)
Doing Member Care Well (2002)

Trekking and tracking across sectors for greater effectiveness. Image source; unknown.

Trekking and tracking across sectors for greater effectiveness. Image source: unknown.

 5.  Presentations
Global Mental Health: Tracking and Trekking Across Sectors (power point presentation and article, Center for Multicultural and Global Mental Heath, William James College, USA; inaugural conference, 26 June 2015)
Global Integration Webinars
(power points and handouts; topics include crossing sectors, mental health in low resource countries, and trauma)

6. Books
Global Member Care (Volume 1): The Pearls and Pearls of Good Practice:
Kelly O’Donnell,  (2011)
The electronic version is now available on Amazon.
Global Member Care (Volume 2): Crossing Sectors for Serving Humanity
Edited by Kelly and Michele O’Donnell (November 2013)MemberCare_CS_Cover_6
–Click for the descriptionTOC, and endorsements
–Click for the electronic book version on Amazon
Click here to see the updated model for global member care (diagram and description)
Click here for updates on multi-sectoral resources relevant for member care

7. More Resources
Eight Tools for Member Care Practice
(Selection Criteria, CHOPS Adjustment Inventory, Thirteen Survival Premises/Promises, Personal Growth Plan, Core Issues for Personal Growth, Team Feedback Form, Crisis and Contingency Management, Reentry Preparation)

8. Trio Gatherings
These informal gatherings provide a relaxed, neutral place where colleagues interact more personally on important issues in the world, for mutual learning and support. Topics have included: Building the Future We Want–Being the People We Need, Virtue in a Virulent World, Protecting People–Promoting Wellbeing, and Work-Life balance.

9. Global Mental Health-Map (website)
Materials to orient colleagues from different sectors to the domain of Global Mental Health (GMH). GMH is also very relevant for those working in “mental health as mission.”

10.  Consultation
We are available to consult and train in member care-related areas.


Growing Deeply as We Go Broadly

ICP 2012

Counseling and Member Care: An Intensive Counseling Seminar for Cross-Cultural Workers Sunday, October 4 – Friday, October 16, 2015 Imperial Chiang Mai Resort and Sports Club, Chiang Mai, Thailand Sponsored by the Narramore Christian Foundation ncf.seminars@gmail.com

Pastors to Missions Conference 6-9 October, North Carolina USA http://ptm.barnabas.org/ Mental Health and Missions Conference 19-22 November 2015, Indiana USA https://www.mti.org/conferences/mental-health-and-missions/

People Care Course, Level 1, Dr. Bob and Nancy Scott, Brussels, Belgium; 6-13 December 2015. This is an introductory course prepares the participant to care for and support community members, team members, colleagues, and friends facing the regular ups and downs of life prevalent in any environment and intensified in cross-cultural living and service. More iformation: people.care@om.org

European Member Care Consultation (EMCC), 14-18 March 2016   www.membercareeurope.com

Asia Member Care Consultation 6-8 April, 2016, Singapore Theme: Too Valuable to Lose::Launching a Member Care Movement. The conference is preceded by a two day workshop (4-5 April 2016): Developing a Comprehensive Member Care Plan, by Dr. Laura Mae Gardner; Contact: Dr. David Tan, david.modesto@gmail.com


Member Care in the Multi-Sectoral Context
–Also see the Featured Resources section on this website.
–Also see the many resources in 
the Updates section, Global Member Care (volume two).

The gobal, multi-sectoral model of member care .SOurce: http://us4.campaign-archive2.com/?u=f34fc856e7776d7b69dafd3b3&id=5508b39ce2

Transforming Our World: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development UN (2015)
Health, Healing, and Shalom…Christian Health Missions (2015), Bryant Myers
Ending Extreme Poverty: A Moral and Spiritual Imperative, World Bank (April 2015)
Faith-Based Health Care, The Lancet, (7 July 2015) .
Mind the Gaps: Engaging the Church in Mission Care (2015). David Wilson, Editor
Mental Health Innovation Network–website

Restoring Humanity:  Global Voices Calling for Action (September 2015). Synthesis Report of the Consultation Process for the World Humanitarian Summit. United Nations.
mhGAP Humanitarian Intervention Guide: Clinical Management of Mental, Neurological, and Substance Use Conditions in Humanitarian Emergencies (2015). WHO.
White Paper on Peacebuilding(2014). Geneva Peacebuilding Platform.
World Development Report 2015: Mind, Society, and Behavior (World Bank, Dec 2014).
Humanitarian Effectiveness and Staff Wellbeing (webinar 30 July 2015; archived)
Preventing Suicide: A Global Imperative (WHO report, September 2014)
Living with a Black Dog and  I Had a Black Dog (short, creative videos on depression)


Understanding Global Integration, November 2015
Staying Current-Competent and Relevant-Resilient
Global integration--the future we want.

–For the last five years we have been sharing widely about “global integration” (GI), a framework which guides our work and which we believe is crucial for a) member care practice and direction and b) all those who endeavor to live as global citizens. GI involves actively integrating our lives (connecting and contributing) with global realities (the major issues facing fellow humans) in light of our core values (e.g., ethical imperatives, commitment to humanity, faith-based).
–GI is especially important in view of the major multi-sectoral efforts to promote well being for all people and the planet (e.g., the United Nations Transforming Our World: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, Sept. 2015  and the World Humanitarian Summit’s Restoring Humanity: Global Voices Calling for Action, Sept. 2015). We regularly send out Global Integration Updates to over 1700 colleagues. Our GI work as psychologists focuses on global member care and global mental health, and is based in Geneva. It includes regular interactions with personnel/events in the United Nations, World Health Organization, and international NGOs—and hence materials, perspectives, and cutting edge news that we can share with colleagues. One of the greatest opportunities for further developing GI would be organizing a new coalition(s) of colleagues who are committed to GI–we call them global integratorsMore information is on our CORE MC weblog.

Member Care Associates IncMember Care Associates Inc. (MCA) is a non-profit organisation working internationally from the USA and Geneva. We focus on personnel development for mission/humanitarian/development workers and their organizations, humanitarian psychology, and global mental health. Our services include consultation, training, research, developing resources, and publications. MCA is a member of the Movement for Global Mental Health and the NGO Forum for Health.

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