Member care focuses on staff wellbeing and effectiveness.

It is the ongoing investment of resources by sending groups, service organizations, and workers themselves, for nurture, development, and strategic impact.

Focuses on every person involved in mission including the health of sending groups.

It includes children, home office staff, and locals, nationals, and volunteers who are working in mission and sending groups themselves.

Includes preventative, developmental, supportive, and restorative care.

A core part is the mutual care that workers provide each other. Connecting with resources and people in the local community is also key.

Implements an adequate flow of care from recruitment through retirement.

Long term, life-cycle and mission work stages are integrated. Balancing suffering/sacrifice and support/strength are emphasized.

Develops workers’ skills, resilience, and virtue: their character and competence.

Wholistic care and growth are crucial: developing inner resources like stress management and providing external resources like team building.

Member Care

Resources to support mission, humanitarian, and development  personnel and their organisations

Global Integration

A framework for actively and responsibly engaging in our world–collaborating locally to globally on the issues facing humanity

Global Mental Health

An international, interdisciplinary, culturally-sensitive, and multi-sectoral domain which promotes human well being, the right to health, and equity in health for all.

Global Integrity

Articles, presentations, and events for living consistently in moral wholeness

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