Materials from MCA

 Peace and Security–Staying Alive in Our World 
Global Integration Update, September 2023

Arming the World–Pursuing Positive Peace: Facts for Advocacy and Action 
Global Integration Update, September 2022

Staring War in the Face: “We the peoples of the United Nations determined…”
Global Integration Update,
April 2022

–New Year’s Yearnings: Peace on Earth–Sharing our Stories and Strategies
Global Integration Update, January 2022

–State of the Planet: Our Suicidal War on Nature
Global Integration Update, January 2021

–Genocide: Bearing Witness…
Global Integration Update, December 2020

–Shaping the Future We Want: UN75 Global Conversation
Global Integration Update, January 2020

–Peace, Justice, Inclusion, and Strong Institutions
Global Integration Update, December 2019

–Helping Well in Humanitarian Settings: Mental Health and Psychosocial Support
Global Integration Update, November 2019

Health for Peace: Contributions from Peace Psychology
(presentation 7 November, video HERE)
Geneva Peace Week 2018, United Nations

Pursuing Peace: Whole People-Whole World
Member Care Update, November 2018

Peace Psychology and Sustaining Peace
Global Integration Update
, May 2018

Peace Psychology-Geneva Peace Week: Connecting Colleagues-Global Relevance (presentation handouts)
Psychology and Peace Conference, University of Notre Dame, 9-11 March 2018

Doomsday: Next Stop, Global Dis-Integration?
Global Integration Update, June 2017

Peace and Security: Uniting for a Safer World–Resources from Geneva Peace Week
Global Integration Update, December 2016

Global Integrity: Moral Wholeness for a Whole World (25 entries)
CORE Member Care (2016)

Loving Truth and Peace (15 entries)
CORE Member Care, 2014

Living in Peace (15 entries)
CORE Member Care, 2013-2014

Living in Truth (16 entries)
CORE Member Care, 2013