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Global Member Care

This course (updated August 2014) overviews the member care field in light of the major challenges facing humanity. It includes historical, conceptual, and theological foundations; skills, tools, and guidelines for wellbeing and effectiveness; and support for personnel, families, teams, and organizations. Permeating the 12 lessons is the emphasis on developing good practice and greater relevance through personal growth, cultural sensitivity, and crossing sectors in the context of the global integration framework. Note April 2021: This course could also be updated to include materials related to the UN Agenda for Sustainable Development and our more recent Member Care Updates and Global Integration Updates–within the broad framework of the missio Dei.

Click here to access the six-page syllabus.

Note–in addition:
Member Care—Core Consultation/Seminar

This material is based on a week-long consultation/seminar covering four essential topics in member care (updated in 2007 and still very relevant). Available at the Member Caravan web site (training section).
•Introduction: Syllabus for Member Care Consultation/Workshop
•1. Member Care Overview
•2. Staying Healthy
•3. Team Development
•4. Crisis/Contingency Management