“Promote just, peaceful, and inclusive societies.” SDG 16

Resisting Despair and Disillusion: Will it Get Worse before it Gets Worse?
Global Integration Update, January 2023

 Arming the World–Promoting Positive Peace
Global Integration Update, September 2022

Staring War in the Face
Global Integration Update, April 2022

–New Year’s YearningsPeace on Earth–Sharing our Stories and Strategies
Global Integration Update, January 2022

–State of the Planet: Our Suicidal War on Nature,
Global Integration Update, January 2021

–Genocide: Bearing Witness…
Global Integration Update, December 2020

–Peace, Justice, Inclusion, and Strong Institutions
Global Integration Update, December 2019

Health for Peace: Contributions from Peace Psychology
(presentation 7 November, video HERE)
Geneva Peace Week 2018, United Nations

Pursuing Peace: Whole People-Whole World
Member Care Update, November 2018

Peace Psychology and Sustaining Peace
Global Integration Update
, May 2018

Peace Psychology-Geneva Peace Week: Connecting Colleagues-Global Relevance (presentation handouts)
Psychology and Peace Conference, University of Notre Dame, 9-11 March 2018

Doomsday: Next Stop, Global Dis-Integration?
Global Integration Update, June 2017

Peace and Security: Uniting for a Safer World–Resources from Geneva Peace Week
Global Integration Update, December 2016

Global Integrity: Moral Wholeness for a Whole World (25 entries)
CORE Member Care (2016)

Loving Truth and Peace (15 entries)
CORE Member Care, 2014

Living in Peace (15 entries)
CORE Member Care, 2013-2014

Living in Truth (16 entries)
CORE Member Care, 2013