Member care focuses on the wellbeing and effectiveness of staff, teams, and their organizations.

Member care is the ongoing investment of resources by sending groups, service organizations, friends, colleagues, and workers themselves, for nurture, development, and strategic impact.

Moral Health
Righteousness and Relevance for Mission and Member Care

Spotlight events for UN International Anti-Corruption Day
Theme: Your right, your role: Say no to corruption, 9 December 2021
Click here for information on the UNODC’s six week anti-corruption campaign.

1. Integrity: Fighting the  Evil of Corruption
9 December 2021, 9am–11am (New York Time)
Organized by the Integrity and Anti-Corruption Network
Lausanne Movement-World Evangelical Association

2. Corruption and Anti-Corruption in Health Care: Why do we speak so little about them? 
13 December 1:00pm Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
Organised by the Faith and Public Integrity Network
RSVP here to register and receive the Zoom link
2. Anti-Corruption: Perspectives and Practices. 21 August 2021
Integrity and Anti-Corruption Network, Lausanne Movement-World Evangelical Alliance.
Update: You can access the five presentations (video and written) as well as sign up for the
upcoming Virtual Cafes to interact on Corruption and Culture, Government, Business, and Church.
Click HERE
3. Spotlight event for Global Integrity Day (GID), 9 June 2021
Courage against Corruption during COVID-19
2. Corruption and Anti-Corruption in Health Care:
Why do we speak so little about them? 

13 December 1:00pm Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
Organised by the Faith and Public Integrity Network
RSVP here to register and receive the Zoom linkOrganized by the Faith and Public Integrity Network
and featuring the work of the Association for a More Just Society, Honduras.
Videos/audios and the two power point presentations HERE.
See also the GID website
for other special events and materials.

Member Care

Resources for supporting staff and their organizations in mission and across sectors–humanitarian, development, peace/security, etc.


Global Integration

A framework for actively and responsibly engaging in our world–collaborating to address major issues that impact wellbeing for all people and the planet


Global Mental Health

A growing domain of study, research, and practice, promoting equitable, quality mental health and wellbeing for all persons and peoples


Global Integrity

Resources for living consistently in moral wholeness–at the individual, institutional, international levels–and for preventing and confronting corruption


Featured Resources 2021

(See All Archives HERE)

1. Member Care
Global Member Care Updates:

–Spiritual Warfare: Following Jesus into the Light…and Darkness (December 2021)
–Creation Care: SOS (November 2021)
–Mental Health, Trauma, and Wellbeing: Pathways for Involvement (October 2021)
–Doing Global Member Care Well (September 2021)
–Tough People/Teams for Tough Place/Times (August 2021)
–Supporting Arabic-Speaking Workers–(July 2021)
(MENA Care: Wellbeing, resiliency, and effectiveness for Christian workers
from/in the Middle East and North Africa regions)
–Staff Wellbeing and Effectiveness (June 2021)
–Supporting Chinese Cross-Cultural Workers (May 2021)
–OCD: Hope and Healing for Ourselves and Others (April 2021)
–Global Trends: Applications for Mission/Member Care (March 2021)
–Sojourning with Prayer and Praise (February 2021)
–Blessing the Planet–Blessing the Peoples (January 2021)
–Persecution Pandemics (December 2020)
CORE Member Care Weblog:
Current topic: Unreached People Groups and Sustainable Development Goals (UPGs-SDGs)
The latest entry: Integral Mission: Journeying into the UPG-SDG Domain.
Resources from the Member Care Community:
–“Experiences of Missionaries Who Grew Up with a Parent Having Mental Illness”  
Webinar based on the recent doctoral dissertation by Vicki Reyes. 10 November 2021
Integrating Asian Christian Counselling in Missions
4th Asian Christian Counselling Virtual Conference (9-11 September 2021)
Member Care: Core Skills. Six Session Webinar Series
Link Care Foundation (3 June–4 November 2021)
Living Our Values: Care, Culture, and Power in Aid Organisations
(20-21 May 2021 online, free) CHS Alliance
Watch recordings of 10 Global Gathering sessions on the CHS Alliance YouTube channel HERE.
–Leading Wellbeing: How to Empower Healthy, Happy, and Productive People.
(March 2021, e-book) DiasterReady
–We are remembering with gratitude John J. Ratnukumar (JJ) who passed on 18 January 2021.
JJ is beloved by many, a member care pioneer and advocate in India and beyond. See Tributes page.
–Stress and Trauma in Mission: Lessons from the Humanitarian Sector (webinar)
Kelly and Michele O’Donnell; 22 August 2020; video version  and power point

2. Global Integration
Global Integration Overview
 Global Integration Updates
—Global Humanitarian Overview 2022 (Dec. 2021)
–Planet SOS: The UN Climate Conference (November 2021)
–Mental Health and Wellbeing for All (October 2021)
–Code Red for Humanity (September 2021)
–Sustainable Development Progress Report (August 2021)
–Climate-Conflict-Corruption: Safeguarding All People and the Entire Planet (July 2021)
–Staff Wellbeing–Getting It Right (June 2021)
–Tracking News: Issues, Insights, and Involvements (May 2021)
–World Health Day: Building a Fairer, Healthier World (April 2021)
–Global Trends: Perspectives and Priorities from the Sectors (March 2021)
–Covid Care: Reflections and Resources for Wellbeing (Feb. 2021)
–The State of the Planet: Our Suicidal War on Nature (January 2021)
–Genocide: Bearing Witness (December 2020)

3. Global Mental Health
See MCA GMH-Map website
GMH: Three Strategic Events (5-12 October 2021) 7 power point slides–what’s up and  why its important.
World Mental Health Day (10 October 2021) Mental Heath in an Unequal World. World Federation for Mental Health. >Special short articles for this year’s theme. >And message by the UN Secretary-General.
WHO Comprehensive Mental Health Action Plan, 2013-2030
Addressing Mental Health in Global Contexts 21 October 2021, 19:00—20:30: Recording HERE. Fordham University–Psi Chi and the Psychology Coalition at the UN
Covid Care Resources (2020-2021).
GMH: Collaborating for Sustainable Development and Wellbeing (April 2021). O’Donnell, K., Eaton, J., & Lewis O’Donnell, M. A revised version is in press. Congress, Takooshian, & Osborn (Eds.), Behavioral Science and in the Global Arena (Volume 2).
Mental Health and Trauma (video, 11 brief segments). Lausanne Global Classroom (29 March 2021)
Embrace–Multicultural Mental Health. Resources in different languages.

4. Global Integrity

Anti-Corruption: Perspectives and Practices. 21 August 2021, 9am–11am (New York Time)
Integrity and Anti-Corruption Network, Lausanne Movement-World Evangelical Alliance. Virtual cafes to follow up–more info HERE.

Global Integrity Day, 9 June 2021. Special spotlight webinar featuring the Association for a More Just Society, organized by the Faith and Public Integrity Network. Details on the GID website.
–The theme for this year is Corruption and Poverty. This special, annual day is a time to reflect, teach, and collaborate to integrate integrity into all we do and who we are.
–O’Donnell, K. (2020). Ten resources for integrity and anti-corruption: Moral resilience and relevance for the Church Mission Community Lausanne-WEA Global Integrity Network.

Key Resources

  • GMH Map
    Our Global Mental Health-Map site (GMH-Map) lists key resources for Global Mental Health (GMH) in order to better understand and navigate the GMH domain and find relevant ways for connecting and contributing. It is also very pertinent for member care and for the largely undeveloped area of “mental health as mission.” We…

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  • GMH Training: Publications
    Ten GMH overview articles over the past 10 years. The latest, April 2021: GMH–Collaborating for Sustainable Development and Wellbeing. O’Donnell, Eaton, Lewis O’Donnell.
  • GMH Training: Presentations
    We share some examples of the GMH-related presentations we have done over the past ten years in graduate schools, conferences, and special events. More presentations are listed in the Global Integration section (GI Seminars) –GMH and WHO: Reflections and Resources for Colleagues Across Sectors. Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma (20 April…

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  • Living in Integrity and Confronting Corruption
    Global Integrity Day is a positive day to reflect, teach, and collaborate on ways to integrate integrity in all we do throughout the entire year. It is also a strategic day…Read more on the website.
  • Presentations–Kelly/Michele
    Having fun with friends in France (June 2007) on the 40th anniversary of the Monterey Pop Festival. “All we are saying… is give peace, probity, and good practice a chance… and prioritize the good news ad majorem Dei gloriam!” MCA Learning Platform Examples of Presentations 2009-2021 Kelly O’Donnell, PsyD and…

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  • Peace-Security-Justice Materials from MCA
    “Promote just, peaceful, and inclusive societies.” SDG 16 –State of the Planet: Our Suicidal War on Nature, Global Integration Update, January 2021; –Genocide: Bearing Witness…Global Integration Update, December 2020; –Peace, Justice, Inclusion, and Strong InstitutionsGlobal Integration Update, December 2019 —Health for Peace: Contributions from Peace Psychology(presentation 7 November, video HERE)Geneva Peace…

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  • COVID Care Resources
    Covid Care: Promoting and maintaining mental health, resilience, and wellbeing for all persons and peoples (ranging from informal to formal services, guidance, and policies, local through global) during the multi-faceted challenges of COVID-19 and beyond.
  • Multi-Sectoral MC
    Member Care in the Multi-Sectoral Context Examples to Support Your Work in Member Care and Mission What is Multi-Sectoral Member Care (MS-MC)? –MS-MC involves mutual learning-support-resources from connecting and contributing across sectors (e.g. humanitarian sector, health sector, development sector, etc.). How do other sectors promote the wellbeing and effectiveness of…

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  • MCA Books
    Since the 1980’s, the O’Donnells have contributed their thought leadership in Global Member Care and made them available for easy download and listening. Doing Member Care Well: Perspectives and Practices from Around the World (2002).  All or parts of this book (50 chapters and over 60 authors in the original…

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