Member care focuses on the wellbeing and effectiveness of staff, teams, and their organizations.

Member care is the ongoing investment of resources by sending groups, service organizations, friends, colleagues, and workers themselves, for nurture, development, and strategic impact.

Member Care

Resources for supporting staff and their organizations in mission and across sectors–humanitarian, development, peace/security, etc


Global Integration

A framework for actively and responsibly engaging in our world–collaborating to address major issues that impact wellbeing for all people and the planet


Global Mental Health

A growing domain of study, research, and practice, promoting equitable, quality mental health and wellbeing for all persons and peoples


Global Integrity

Resources for living consistently in moral wholeness–at the individual, institutional, international levels–and for preventing and confronting corruption


Featured Resources 2022-2023

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1. Member Care Resources from MCA
Member Care Updates (monthly):

–New and Old Treasures: Our Journey into the Missio Dei Frontiers (February 2023)
–The Chosen: Following Jesus Against the Current (January 2023)
–Member Caravans: Traveling Together for Relvance-Resiliency (December 2022)
–Celebrating-Protecting-Nurturing CHILDREN–World Children’s Day (November 2022)
–Upgrading Relational Resiliency (October 2022)
Mission Care–Counting the Cost (1992): 30 years of relevance and free links (September 2022)
–On the Frontlines in Mission: A Couple’s Journey into Member Care-Mental Health (August 2022)
–Doing Mission Well: New Index-Links for 20+ Years-200+ Issues! (July 2022)
–Doing Member Character Well (June 2022)
–Loving Our Mission Workers (May 2022)
–The Fullness of Generosity (April 2022)
–Healing Moral Injury: Reflections and Resourcess for Wounded Souls (March 2022)
–Soul Care: Spiritual Formation for Mission Workers (February 2022)
–Martyr Care: Living and Dying for Jesus (January 2022)

CORE Member Care Weblog:
Current topic: Unreached People Groups and Sustainable Development Goals (UPGs-SDGs)
2. Resources from the Member Care Community
7th Asia Member Care Network Conference–Theme:  Stories, Strategies & Struggles:  Asia’s Perspective on MC After the Pandemic–16-20 April 2023Cititel Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia
Pre-Conference Spiritual Retreat–Theme: Return to Your Rest My Soul (Ps 116:7)–13-16 April 2023
OM People Care Courses 2022 (Levels 1-2-3) “Each of the People Care Courses are founded on the importance of the spiritual formation of each member of our community. From that foundation we desire to develop and enhance a People Care Culture that protects and develops our greatest asset: our people! Both the Level 1 and Level 2 courses are designed to optimize both immediate and long-term people care skills development. The Level 3 course is more specialized, specifically designed to teach advanced debriefing skills.”
Pastors to Missions Conference. “The Heart of the Father.”
4-7 October 2022. North Carolina USA
Mental Health And Missions Conference.
“Responding to Disruptive Change in Mental Health and Missions.”17-20 November. Texas USA
NCF Counseling and Member Care Seminar. 2-14 October 2022. Greece. “This seminar is for member care providers, team leaders, administrators, and counselors –anyone caring for people or personnel on field or hoping to begin or improve a structure of caring. The sessions include a broad range of stimulating topics on theological foundations of member care, counseling, personal growth, and current issues that apply to anyone in a counseling, training, member care, or leadership role.”
Integrating Asian Christian Counselling in Missions
4th Asian Christian Counselling Virtual Conference (9-11 September 2021)
Member Care: Core Skills. Six Session Webinar Series
Link Care Foundation (3 June–4 November 2021)

Special Issue on Member CareEvangelical Missions Quarterly (April-June 2022)
Featured in the Member Care Update (May 2022)
–“Experiences of Missionaries Who Grew Up with a Parent Having Mental Illness”
Watch the 45 minute webinar based on the doctoral dissertation by Vicki Reyes (10 November 2021)
What Mental Health Professionals Can Learn from Mission Member Care: Ways of Thinking, Doing, and Being. Pamela S. Davis and Mandy Kellums Barak. Journal of Psychology and Christianity (2021, Vol. 40, No. 1, 29-39). Used by permission.
3. Multi-Sectoral Member Care
–Counselling Staff (interview). UN Today, 2 March 2022)
The Well-Being Guide: Reduce Stress, Recharge, and Build Inner Resilience (2022).
“The exercises in this guide are for all humanitarian staff, volunteers and for recipients of mental health and psychosocial support services.” IFRC Psychosocial Centre              

Key Resources

2. Global Integration
Global Integration Overview
 Global Integration Updates
–Uprooting Corruption in Our World and Lives: Plenaries from IACC (February 2023)
–Resisting Despair and Disillusion: Will it Get Worse? (January 2023)
–Hurting Humans-Helping Humans: Humanitarian Sector Updates (December 2022)
–World Children’s Day: Love Them All! (November 2022)
–Perils, Paralysis, and Hope: Sustainable Destruction? (October 2022)
–Arming the World–Promoting Positive Peace (Sept 2022)
–Repentance & Reconciliation (August 2022)
–Transforming Mental Health for All (July 2022)
–Moral Health for a More Whole World (June 2022)
–Into the Global Fray (May 2022)
–Staring War in the Face (April 2022)
–Global Hearing Health (March 2022)
–Critical Thinking for Sustainable Development (February 2022)
–Peace on Earth–Sharing our Stories and Strategies (January 2022)

3. Global Mental Health
See MCA GMH-Map website
New! GMH Overview and Directions: Sustainable Development-Survival-Destruction? Kelly O’Donnell, 18 October 2022, Fordham  University, Social Psychology and Clinical Psychology Seminar and Psychology Coalition at the UN  Forum (powerpoint HERE; 22 minutes video HERE)
New! GMH: Collaborating for Sustainable Development and Wellbeing. O’Donnell, K., Eaton, J., & Lewis O’Donnell, M. A revised version is in Behavioral Science and in the Global Arena (Vol 2).
–Psychology Day at the UN (21 April 2022) Building Hope–Contributions to a Roadmap for Climate Action
2021 Examples
Mental Health and Trauma (video, 11 brief segments) Lausanne Movement
GMH: Three Strategic Events (5-12 October 2021)–what’s up and  why its important.
World Mental Health Day (10 October 2021) Mental Heath in an Unequal World. World Federation for Mental Health. See the special short articles for this year’s theme.
WHO Comprehensive Mental Health Action Plan, 2013-2030

4. Global Integrity
See special section on this site
Coming soon in 2022:
Global Integrity Day, 9 June 2022. Theme–Integrity and Corruption in the Health Sector

New! A Psychologist’s Journey into Global Integrity. The first of five interviews for the Lausanne-WEA Global Integrity Movement Conference, “Integrity and Anti-Corruuptin on the Frontlines” (30 April 2022) See also the written summary of Reflections and Resoures for the Interview Kelly O’Donnell
New! Living in Global Integrity:  Moral Wholeness for a More Whole World–in Essays on Holistic Biblical Ministries (2022)–Volume 22 of WEA World of Theology. See the additional Multi-Sectoral Resources. Kelly and Michele O’Donnell

More Resources

  • GMH Training: Publications
    Ten GMH overview articles over the past 10 years. The latest, April 2021: GMH–Collaborating for Sustainable Development and Wellbeing. O’Donnell, Eaton, Lewis O’Donnell.
  • GMH Training: Presentations
    We share some examples of the GMH-related presentations we have done over the past ten years in graduate schools, conferences, and special events. More presentations are listed in the Global Integration section (GI Seminars) –GMH Overview and Directions: Sustainable Development-Survival-Destruction? Kelly O’Donnell (18 October 2022), Fordham  University, Social Psychology and Clinical…

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  • Peace-Security-Justice MCA Materials
    “Promote just, peaceful, and inclusive societies.” SDG 16 —Staring War in the FaceGlobal Integration Update, April 2022 –New Year’s Yearnings: Peace on Earth–Sharing our Stories and StrategiesGlobal Integration Update, January 2022 –State of the Planet: Our Suicidal War on Nature, Global Integration Update, January 2021 –Genocide: Bearing Witness…Global Integration Update, December…

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  • COVID Care Resources
    Covid Care: Promoting and maintaining mental health, resilience, and wellbeing for all persons and peoples (ranging from informal to formal services, guidance, and policies, local through global) during the multi-faceted challenges of COVID-19 and beyond.
  • MCA Books
    Since the 1980’s, the O’Donnells have contributed their thought leadership in Global Member Care and made them available for easy download and listening. Global Member Care (Vol 1): The Pearls and Perils of Good Practice (2011) For an overview of the book, endorsements, ordering information (paperback and ebook) etc. visit Global…

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  • Presentations–Kelly/Michele
    Having fun with friends in France (June 2007) on the 40th anniversary of the Monterey Pop Festival. “All we are saying… is give peace, probity, and good practice a chance… and prioritize the good news ad majorem Dei gloriam!” MCA Learning Platform Examples of Presentations 2009-2021 Kelly O’Donnell, PsyD and…

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  • GMH Map
    Our Global Mental Health-Map site (GMH-Map) lists key resources for Global Mental Health (GMH) in order to better understand and navigate the GMH domain and find relevant ways for connecting and contributing. It is also very pertinent for member care and for the largely undeveloped area of “mental health as mission.” We…

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  • Living Integrity–Confronting Corruption
    Global Integrity Day is a positive day to reflect, teach, and collaborate on ways to integrate integrity in all we do throughout the entire year. It is also a strategic day…Read more on the website.
  • Multi-Sectoral MC
    Member Care in the Multi-Sectoral Context Examples to Support Your Work in Member Care and Mission What is Multi-Sectoral Member Care (MS-MC)? –MS-MC involves mutual learning-support-resources from connecting and contributing across sectors (e.g. humanitarian sector, health sector, development sector, etc.). How do other sectors promote the wellbeing and effectiveness of…

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