Our Global Mental Health-Map site (GMH-Map) lists key resources for Global Mental Health (GMH) in order to better understand and navigate the GMH domain and find relevant ways for connecting and contributing. It is also very pertinent for member care and for the largely undeveloped area of “mental health as mission.” We launched it in 2011 a part of the GMH-Map project. See the list/links for our various GMH Publications and GMH Presentations on this website.

We also refer to GMH as being Mental Health as Mission (mhM) and Global Mental Health as Mission (gmhM). These key terms points us to the crucial opportunities and overlooked responsibilities for the Church Mission Community to be involved in “mental health and wellbeing for all” (SGD 3.4). More information HERE.

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Global Mental Health (GMH) is an international, interdisciplinary, culturally-sensitive, and multi-sectoral domain which promotes human well being, the right to health, and equity in health for all. It encourages healthy behaviours and lifestyles; is committed to preventing and treating mental, neurological, and substance use conditions (MNS) especially for vulnerable populations (e.g., in settings of poverty, conflict, calamity, and trauma) and in low- and middle-income countries; and seeks to improve policies and programs, professional practices and research, advocacy and awareness, and structural and systemic, social and environmental factors that affect health and well being.” (based on the original definition in Global Mental Health: Finding Your Niches and Networks, Psychology International, March 2012)