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on the Global Member Care series.

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Global Member Care (volume two): Crossing Sectors for Serving Humanity (2013)

Global Member Care (volume one): The Pearls and Perils of Good Practice (2011)

Doing Member Care Well: Perspectives/Practices from Around the World (2002) English and Korean online versions:

International Journal of Frontier Mission special issue-Member Care (October 1995)

Missionary Care (1992)

Helping Missionaries Grow: Readings in Mental Health and Missions (1998)


GMC volume one book cover 2011

Pearls and Perils/Good Practice    Crossing Sectors for Serving Humanity
Author: Kelly O’Donnell                       Editors: Kelly and Michele O’Donnell  

Click here: Global MCA website
for information 
on the Global Member Care series.
Both books are now available as ebooks on Amazon.

Editor: Kelly O’Donnell                     Guest Editor: Kelly O’Donnell
 Missionary Care                                 Helping Missionaries Grow
Editor: Kelly O’Donnell                        Editors: Kelly and Michele O’Donnell

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