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Updated May 2016
Note that this is not a comprehensive listing of the member care newsletters, online resource compilations , and regional networks.
See also the Organisational Links page on this site.

1. Resource-Newsletters
Global Member Care Networks (and Facebook community)

Member Care Updates

Global Integration Updates

Ethne-Member Care Archives of updates (2006-2011) with short articles and resources.

2. MC  Materials in Different Languages
Materials in Korean: Global Member Care (May 2016)

Chinese-Asia Member Care Projects (CHAMP)
Written and audio materials including articles, case studies, and two books. Most of the articles are from Doing Member Care Well (2002) and IJFM (October 1995).

Arabic Member Care Projects (AMP) Written articles mostly from Doing Member Care Well (2002).

Indonesia Member Care Projects (IMP) Written articles, handouts, seminars, personal growth materials.

Spanish Resources (COMIBAM)

3. Regional News (contact the emails below for periodic updates).



Latin America

Central Asia–Middle East Region

More information (June 2016)
–Global Member Care Network






–Latin America

–Middle East and Central Asia


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