GMH Updates

GMH touring the terrain via analagous 17th century map

For GMH updates see the GMH-Map website ( See especially the links for GMH organizations/newsletters as well as our GMH-Map Project overview.

We have done nine GMH “orientation” articles (2011-2018). Click HERE to see a summary/links for all of our articles. Information on the 2017 overview:

GMH: Collaborating Across Sectors for Sustainable Development and Wellbeing (co-authored with Julian Eaton). Mental Health: A Forgotten Facet of Health Care (special theme-issue), Medicus Mundi Switzerland, Bulletin 141 (29 June 2017). “This article orients colleagues across sectors to Global Mental Health (GMH) and its relevance for the collective efforts to promote sustainable development and wellbeing. The authors include examples of GMH resources organized into 10 areas of “GMH Engagement”. Colleagues are encouraged to connect and contribute to GMH as they consider the application of the materials featured in this article for their work.” (Abstract)

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