This page lists a number of links
for written member care materials.
The materials are divided into two categories:
Member Care Articles and Member Care Books.

New–click here: 100+ Books for Member Care (update March 2014)

Be sure to also see the comprehensive listing of books and articles at

1. Member Care Articles

• The Missional Heart of Member Care
International Bulletin of Mission Research, April 2015.(Kelly O’Donnell)

Celebrating Global Member Care History (chapter 4,  Member Care in India: From Ministry Call to Home Call, 2012)

Wise as Doves and Innocent as Serpents (12 languages)

Giants Foxes Wolves, and Flies (5 languages)

Global Treasures for a Global Field (future directions/resources for member care–2012 update). Global Treasures for a Global Field–MC Future Directions O’Donnell for India MC book Feb 2012 version

International Journal of Frontier Missions, Special issue on Member Care (October 1995, 10 articles on a wide range of topics)

Missionary Care
(see “Database”—Includes many articles and reviews/overviews)

Global Member Care Resources
(see “Publications”)

Ethne-Member Care
(see “Core Documents/Articles”—List is below)

**General articles on Ethne-Member Care web site
• Going Global: A Member Care Model for Best Practice
• Stephanas: A New Testament Example of Frontier Member Care
• Supporting Mission Workers: The Key Role of the Sending Church
• Neal Pirolo: Sending Church Profile, Raising the Standard, Focus on Member Care

**Historical Perspectives articles on Ethne-Member Care web site
• Some Historical Perspectives – Introductory Comments
• An Agenda for Member Care in Frontier Missions (1992)
• For Everything There is a Season…And a Summons (1996)
• To the Ends of the Earth, To the End of the Age (2002)
• Future Directions for Member Care: 12 Treasures (2006)

2. Member Care Books
100+ Books for a Member Care Library
If you were going to live in another setting, and only had room for 100 or so books related to member care (not necessarily devotional or self-help books) , which ones would you take?
Have a look at this list, which also includes web sites in mission/humanitarian assistance.  100+ Books for Member Care (update March 2014)

• Global Member Care (vol 2): Crossing Sectors for Serving Humanity (2013)
For an overview of the book, endorsements, etc.:

• Global Member Care (vol 1): The Pearls and Perils of Good Practice (2011)
For an overview of the book, endorsements, etc.:

Doing Member Care Well: Perspectives and Practices from Around the World (2002). All or parts of this book (50 chapters and over 60 authors in the original version) are available in these languages.

**English  (available online, 2002)

**Korean (book, all chapters, 2004)

**Spanish (book, several chapters, 2006)

**Portuguese (book, several chapters, 2006)

**Chinese (online, several chapters, 2006)

**Arabic (online, several chapters, 2008)

Missionary Care: Counting the Cost (1992)
All 25 chapters are available to read/download.

Helping Missionaries Grow: Readings in Mental Health and Missions (1988)
A  50 chapters are available to read and download.

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