Organisational Links

Updated July 2016
This page lists 40+ links to organizations and their resources.
They are primarily in the areas of mission, member care,
humanitarian, health, mental health, and human resources.
This listing is by no means comprehensive, of course.
Contact us to add more.

Addiction Resource
(raises awareness on the dangers of addiction and helps local communities stay
drug-free; assessment tools and other resources)

Aid Workers Network
(information on current aid issues, opportunities, perspectives)

American Society of Addiction Medicine
(professional organization, resources, promotes drug abuse prevention and treatment)

Antares Foundation
(resources for humanitarian workers/organizations, and code for stress management)

(mental health resources and special monthly topics with links to key articles)

Barnabas International
(resources to encourage mission workers)

BBC News Service
(news in 32 languages, also helpful for language learning)

Bible Gateway
(dozens of online translations with easy navigation)

Brigada Today
(weekly listing of resources for the mission community)

CHS Alliance
(resources for quuality and accountability in humanitarian assistance, including the Core Humanitarian Standard)

Centers for Disease Control
(resources/updates on health issues, including mental health, psychosocial support)

Cross Cultural Workers
(mental health resources and articles oriented to mission workers/senders)

Emmaus Road International
(materials/seminars for the mission sector like Serving as Senders—in 20 languages)

Families in Global Transition
(organization/conference connecting six sectors about internationally mobile families)

Global Connections
(UK organization for the mission sector; see codes of good practice especially)

Global Mental Health-Map (GMH-Map)
(compilations of global mental health resources)

Global Post
(international media group with online news)

Headington Institute
(resources for humanitarian workers such as training modules/tools for member care)

•IASC and the IASC Mental Health and Psychosocial Reference Group (a major mechanism for inter-agency coordination of humanitarian assistance involving key UN and non-UN humanitarian partners, established in June 1992)

•International Federation for Research and Education on Depression (iFred)
(resources on depression and for helping to change stigma/negative perceptions about it)

(London-based travel medicine organization for the mission/aid workers and senders)

International Committee of the Red Cross
(materials to help victims of armed conflict and other situations of violence)

•International Family Transitions
(resources, training, and support for international familes as they transition)

International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
(materials on disaster response, community health care and humanitarian action)

International Society for Trauma and Stress Studies
(a main international organization with resources, conferences etc on trauma)

International Training Partners
(group offering the Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills course)

Media that Matters
(listing of media sites providing news and stories on international and humanitarian issues)

Member Care Radio
(radio programs on a variety of member care topics and archived programs)

Member Caravan
(materials for people interested in international member care/health sciences)

Member Care Associates
(materials and links to member care resources in the mission/aid)

Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Network
(a platform to connect people, organizations and resources for emergency settings and situations of adversity)

•Mental Health Innovation Network
(a global community of mental health innovators and projects)

Mission Training International
(training, publications, retreats, debriefing, and other resources for the mission sector)

Mobile Member Care Team
(Africa-based group—debriefing, interpersonal skills and member care training, etc.)

Movement for Global Mental Health
(network of individuals and organisations that aim to improve services for people living with mental health problems and psychosocial disabilities worldwide,especially in low- and middle-income countries where effective services are often scarce)

National Center for PTSD
(US Department of Veterans Affairs—materials on trauma and stress)

Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance
(the UN Office that overseas the coordination of humanitarian assistance)

Overseas Development Institute (including Humanitarian Practice Group and Humanitarian Practice Network)
(a main group in the international humanitarian sector, articles, discussions, events)

People In Aid
(main organization providing human resource materials in the humanitarian sector)
Note 2015: Merged with Humanitarian Accountability Partnership to form CHS Alliance

•Professionals in Humanitarian Assistance and Protection
(resources, networking, webinars)

•Quit Smoking Community
(resources, guidance, support)

Reality DOSE
(health/dysfunction and links for good governance and ethics in organizations)

Reuters Alertnet
(updates and information on humanitarian disasters and related areas globally)

Society for Human Resources Management
(largest human resources organization with a huge amount of materials, books, etc)

World Federation for Mental Health
(organization focusing on international mental health; each year a special emphasis)

World Health Organisation
(UN-related, promoting health globally, see mental health/substance abuse division)

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