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“Member care is the ongoing investment of resources by sending groups, service organizations, and workers themselves, for the nurture and development of personnel.” See the fuller definition at the end of this page.

Global Integrity Day, 9 June 2021. The theme for this year is Corruption and Poverty. This special, annual day is a time to reflect, teach, and collaborate on ways to integrate integrity in all we do throughout the entire year. Moral care is part of member care. There is no health without moral health. #GlobalIntegrityDay

Multi-Sectoral Member Care:
Living Our Values: Care, Culture, and Power in Aid Organisations
(20-21 May 2021online even, free, ) Core Humanitarian Standard Alliance
–Leading Wellbeing: How to Empower Healthy, Happy, and Productive People
(March 2021, e-book, 30 minutes, available from DiasterReady, register online for free)

OCD: Hope and Healing for Ourselves and Others
Member Care Update (April 2021)

Mental Health and Trauma (video, 11 brief segments)
Lausanne Global Classroom (29 March 2021)
“The global church is beginning to recognize that mental health and trauma issues must be a major ministry priority….Those with mental health problems have poorer health care, diminished human rights, and higher mortality. They comprise one of the largest mission fields for the church worldwide.”

Global Trends: Applications for Mission and Member Care 
Member Care Update (March 2021)

New article: Global Mental Health: Collaborating for Sustainable Development and Wellbeing (April 2021). O’Donnell, K., Eaton, J., & Lewis O’Donnell, M. A revised version of this article will appear in the forthcoming volume (in press): E.P. Congress, H. Takooshian, & S. Osborn (Eds.), Behavioral Science and Health in the Global Arena.  Information Age Publishing.

We are remembering with gratitude John J. Ratnukumar (JJ) who passed on 18 January 2021–beloved by many, a member care pioneer and advocate in India and beyond, a servant of Jesus Christ. Video of his funeral service HERE.

Covid Care Resources (2020-2021). Covid care: Promoting and maintaining mental health, resilience, and wellbeing for all persons and peoples (ranging from informal to formal services, guidance and policies, local through global) during the multi-faceted challenges of COVID-19 and beyond.” Examples of our Updates focusing on coping and mental health during the covid pandemic:
Covid Care: Reflections and Resources for Wellbeing (February 2021)
Grieving Well–Healing Well: Resources for Growing through Loss (November 2020)

O’Donnell, K. (2020). Ten resources for integrity and anti-corruption: Moral resilience and relevance for the Church Mission Community. Lausanne-WEA Global Integrity and Anti-Corruption Network.

1. What’s New?
Staying Updated and Equipped
See also New MCA Publications and Featured Resources

January 2021–current
Blessing the Planet–Blessing the Peoples
Member Care Update (January 2021)
Global Integration: Staying Current and Relevant (overview, updated April 2021)

July–December 2020: Highlights to Review and Remember
Persecution Pandemics: What Is Jesus Worth?
Member Care Update (December 2020)
Genocide: Bearing Witness…”We can’t just Pontius Pilate 800,000 people.”
Global Integration Update (December 2020)

How Leaders Lie: Exploring the Lure of Unethical Behavior
PETRA People Update (October 2020)
–Stress and Trauma in Mission: Lessons from the Humanitarian Sector (webinar)
Kelly and Michele O’Donnell; 22 August 2020; video version or power point only
Working Globally Across Sectors: Reflections and Resources for Global Mental Health
Regent University, School of Psychology and Counseling, presentation (11 July 2020)

–Highlights for 2019-June 2020: See Featured Resources

2. Global Member Care Updates (archives: 2009–current)
Expanding the Global Impact of Member Care

Missio Dei MC model--18 Sept 2016
The latest update of the Global Member Care Model.                         Seven spheres for wellbeing and effectiveness (WE).

Special News 2020-2021 (examples)
–OCD: Hope and Healing for Ourselves and Others (April 2021)
–Global Trends: Applications for Mission/Member Care (March 2021)
–Sojourning with Prayer and Praise (February 2021)
–Blessing the Planet–Blessing the Peoples (January 2021)
–Persecution Pandemics: What Is Jesus Worth? (December 2020)
–Good Grief: Healing after Loss (November 2020)
–Member Care Centers-Hubs: Collaborating for Global Impact (March 2020)
–Following Jesus Globally (January 2020)

crossing sectors crop

3. Global Integration Updates (archives: 2015–current)
Common Ground for the Common Good 

Special News 2020-2021 (examples)
–World Health Day: Building a Fairer, Healthier World (April 2021)
–Global Trends: Perspectives and Priorities from the Sectors (March 2021)
–Covid Care: Reflections and Resources for Wellbeing (February 2021)
–The State of the Planet (January 2021)
–Genocide: Bearing Witness… (December 2020)
–Grieving Well–Healing Well: Resources for Growing through Loss (November 2020)
–Stories from the Sectors: Desperate Journeys and More (March 2020)
–Shaping Our Future Together (January 2020)


4. CORE Member Care (weblog)
Reflections, Research, and Resources for Good Practice

Fourteen+ years of materials to explore member care practice in light of current world events and major issues, look into our own hearts, and consider additional ways to provide and develop resources (325+ entries).
–2019-current: Humanity Care. Entries on linking Unreached People Groups and the Sustainable Development Goals (UPGs-SDGs).
–2016 Topic: Global Integrity. 25 entries for exploring many levels of integrity: individual-institutional-international.
–2015 Topic: Global Integrators. 25 entries for leveraging our skills and values on behalf of human wellbeing.

5. Books
Following the Flows (1988–current)
See all our books HERE.

Global Member Care Series:
Global Member Care (Volume 1): The Pearls and Pearls of Good Practice
Kelly O’Donnell (2011)–hard copy and electronic version
Global Member Care (Volume 2): Crossing Sectors for Serving Humanity
Edited by Kelly and Michele O’Donnell (2013)–hard copy and electronic version
–Global Member Care (Volume 3): Strategies and Stories–All Peoples
To be developed, compiled with a team of co-editors


6. Presentations and Training
Equipping Colleagues for Relevance and Resilience

Note: We are available for presentations and training, in person and remotely.
List of presentations from 2009-current (many with audio or video) HERE.

Examples of presentations 2019-current:
–Wellbeing for All: Global Mental Health–Developments and Directions
Kelly’s presentation 7 October 2020, Argentina Mental Health Association Conference
-Stress and Trauma in Mission: Lessons from the Humanitarian Sector (webinar)
Kelly and Michele O’Donnell; 22 August 2020; video version or powerpoint
–Working Globally Across Sectors: Reflections and Resources for Global Mental Health
Regent University,School of Psychology and Counseling, presentation (11 July 2020)
Humanitarian Stress and Trauma, Payap University (7 February 2020)
Wellbeing and Global Mental Health, Payap University and CCF (6, 7 February 2020)

Doing Member Care Well: Historical Perspectives and Future Directions
(powerpoint, Asia MC Consultation, 2 May 2019)
The Trauma Pandemic: A Global Lens for Global Action
(plenary, International Trauma Collaborative, 6 April 2019)


7. Global Mental Health-Map (website)
Engaging in Mental Health as Mission



Materials to orient colleagues from different sectors to the domain of Global Mental Health (GMH). GMH is mission–“mental health as mission.” See the list/links for our core GMH publications to orient colleagues in mission and  across sectors HERE. 

8. More Resources to Support Your Work in Member Care and Mission
See the Getting Connected section with links for:
–Member Care Networks and News
–Member Care Materials (examples)
–Member Care Materials in Different Languages

–Upcoming Member Care Conferences/Training
NCF Counseling and Member Care Seminar
 3-15 September 2021, Eretria, Greece

esigned for cross-cultural workers — member care providers, team leaders, administrators, counselors — anyone caring for people or personnel on field, anyone hoping to begin or improve a structure of caring, or called upon to address difficult and complex situations and counsel people, but feeling inadequately equipped to deal with the many problems they encounter in ministry.  Our skilled and highly experienced staff members emphasize a strong integration of biblical and theological truth with practical psychological insights and counseling techniques.”

 Pastors to Missions Conference
28 September–1 October 2021, Ridgecrest, North Carolina USA
Pre-conference 27 September 2021

Mental Health and Mission Conference

November 2021, USA

OM People Care Courses
TBA, 2021

Asia Member Care Network Consultation
Stories, Strategies, Struggles. Penang, Malaysia, 25-29 April 2022
For more information:


What is Member Care? In short: supporting the wellbeing and effectiveness of workers in mission and other sectors (WE). Here is a core description that we have used and adjusted over the years: Member care is the ongoing investment of resources by sending groups, service organizations, and workers themselves, for the nurture and development of personnel.

It focuses on every member of the organization, including children and home office staff; and locals, nationals, volunteers who are part of/working with the sending group and organization.
–It includes preventative, developmental, supportive, and restorative care.  A core part of member care is the mutual care that workers provide each other. Workers receive it and they give it. Connecting with resources and people in the local/host community is also key.
–It seeks to implement an adequate flow of care from recruitment through retirement.
–The goal is to develop resilience, skills, and virtue, which are key to helping personnel stay healthy and effective in their work. Member care thus involves both developing inner resources (e.g., perseverance, stress tolerance) and providing external resources (e.g., team building, logistical support, skill training).

Member Care Associates Inc

Member Care Associates Inc. (MCA) is a non-profit organization registered in the USA, based primarily in the Geneva area, and working internationally across sectors. We focus on wellbeing for workers and their organizations; global mental health; ethics and good practice; and integrity/anti-corruption. Our services include consultation, training, research, developing resources, and publications, emphasizing those working with vulnerable/unreached peoples.

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